The warrior Elleth has come of age for her majority rights and chooses Anoren, one of the reining sovereign's sons as her malstrum, one who introduces another to the art of sexual pleasure. What she doesn't realize is that when Anoren agrees to her request, he will have one of his own concerning his twin brother, Toren.  A larger consequence prevails stemming from the unique circumstance the brothers share and the power by which Elleth unties them, putting the trio at risk as they face an uncertain future.

Elleth's brother, Vitór, falls for the sweet, kind Tegan, who has yet to fully understand the metaphysical qualities that brought him to Avesta. His true nature is eventually exposed, sending him towards the hidden world so long ago abandoned by the people, the Råvaleth Elves. 

Querencia is the first book in a two part series. Book two is due out in the fall of 2019.

**For Mature Audiences Only**

A lovely adventure away from reality. Querencia was a brilliant read.




                          Blue DRAGONFLY


The last thing in the world on Iris's mind when she moves back to Mendocino after her divorce is love, but something unexpected happens when she meets Victor. She hires him to help her sort out the long neglected yard around the old bungalow and finds a spirited kindness about him she's never encountered before. As their summer draws to a close, Iris finds herself more than open to her handsome young friend's advances one night, but by the time she realizes Victor is in love with her, the differences in their ages causes her to question their entire relationship.

Will Iris listen to her true nature and make the logical decision to let him go, or will she finally learn to be in the moment and trust her heart?

Blue Dragonfly is a sweet tale of first love, the willingness to love again, and lots of amazing sex.

**For Mature Audiences Only**

Blue Dragonfly tells the story of Iris, a 30-something divorcee and Victor, a younger but wiser man who turns Iris’s world on its head. The book definitely delivers amazing, sensual and stimulating sex scenes that you’d expect from great erotica but it also delivers a very sensitive and passionate love story. You’ll be swept up in the heat and the passion of this story!





  We Love Lucy

      Published By Badlands Unlimited 2015

On the night of her 30th birthday, Lucy's best friend Nicholas gives her just what she's always wanted, the chance to watch him and his handsome boyfriend James get it on in the flesh. But what happens when Nicholas's gift merely whets her appetite? When a feast for the eyes leaves her heart and body famished, how far will Lucy go to satisfy her hunger? And what will it mean for their friendship?

**Mature Audiences Only**