Come For the Whiskey, Stay For The Smut


So, there may have been talk around town that I wrote a book or something like that. I did. I done wrote a book and now it's out in the verse floating about with the other two. Probably out misbehaving like those three awkward boys from the Brady Bunch but whatever, once your children leave the nest it's up to them to take responsibility for themselves.

And...this is the website day. The day of the new website, not that there was an old one, but there's one now and it's this one, one that I will endeavor to write good things on about things that you may or may not be interested in. So, welcome all ye who enter here into the wordy goodness that is my...NEW WEBSITE.

I was told I needed one of these things, a website that is, and on it I will post book stuff, life stuff, excellent baking type things (because I love to bake and then to eat the baked things) and probably excerpts from upcoming stories or short clips that bang around in my head. Also adorable photos of my dog because hey, why the hell not? He's cute as fuck even though he's an asshole sometimes.

Here be the link to Querencia:

Thanks for stopping by!