I love books, or more appropriately, stories. Everyone has one and whether they choose to write it down or not, or just to speak it, holds a place in our collective history. Over the years, I've read a lot of books. That's pretty much all I did until I went to college and even then, I was able to sneak some in here and there especially over the summers when I wasn't at work. Like music, certain books speak of certain times and places in our lives. I remember very specifically when I read LOTR for the first time (I think I'm on my 9th read through now) and when I think back to the power that particular story held over me in that moment, it makes me wonder how all those many books I've read over the years has impacted the human I turned into. I've always been drawn to science fiction and fantasy books, that's just what speaks to me and as I got older and recognized other parts of myself, I began to read more and more erotica/smut. And that's how I landed here. I'm also an aries, like long walks on the beach, would have a difficult staying sane if not for music, and use the word fuck like a comma when I talk, but those are just small parts of the whole hot mess that be me.

I started writing because I wanted to tell the stories that constantly bang around in my brain pan. I have a hella lot of fun writing them and I hope you enjoy them too.